YANG Unveils Bits of BIGBANG’s New “Let’s Not Love” MV

[????=??? ??] With the announcement of BIGBANG’s second new track “LET’S NOT LOVE” to be unveiled on August 5, YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK unveiled a short scene from the music video.

YANG uploaded on Instagram on July 30, a short video with hashtags #newMV#BIGBANG#GD and #LETSNOTLOVE.

The scene is from the music video to be unveiled in August, “LET’S NOT LOVE.” In the scene is GD soaking in the rain.

YG posted at 10am on its official blog the 4th of the MADE SERIES, album “E”, to be unveiled in August with a poster to announce the news.

In the poster, BIGBANG’s eyes are shot in a close-up. The sentimental white background and the sorrowful eyes of the members are indeed attention grabbing. On the top of the poster reads the title “LET’S NOT LOVE.”

The first song “FANTASTIC” poster was unveiled on July24, and the GD&TOP unit for the first time in 4 years aroused much attention. “LET’S NOT LOVE” is on the opposite spectrum of “FANTASTIC,” which will entertain the fans.

The much-anticipated song will be unveiled on August 5.

2015. 7. 30.
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