[Videos | Photos | ENG transcript] T.O.P Out Of Control BTS Film Shooting in Cochem 2016-04-12

The film set in Cochem was at the “Reichsburg” at River Moselle. The Film crew for OUT OF CONTROL filmed in this area from 11th to 13th April 2016. It is the first time that this castle in particular is used as a backdrop for a movie.

Only T.O.P / Choi Seung Hyun and Michael Trevino were present at the castle throughout the shooting. Cecilia Cheung only has a small room scene at this location – the main majority of her scene was filmed in Wupptertal Civic Hall a few weeks ago. The first two days the weather was beautiful with blue skies and temperatures up to 20 C. On the final day big clouds and rain obstructed the view. The shooting in the morning had to be postponed by a few hours as the Castle was covered with low hanging clouds (it was not even visible from the village).

Here at the castle final rescue scenes of the movie with a helicopter crashing was filmed. The scenes depicted at the castle for Cecilia Cheung was actually filmed in Wuppertal (Film Location Wuppertal).

Transcript of the main videos below. These interviews were taken on Shooting Day 2 at the Castle April 12th, 2016:
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Part one: Interview with Unit Production Manager Tobias Knubel:

The beautiful thing for Cochem as a film location is the beautiful castle that is high above the village. For Action Concept originally out of Hürth, we find perfect filming location here. However, the logistics are fairly complicated however with the great local support and a long preparation time everything worked out really well. You will see with all the things we have to carry up to the film location at the castle it is not an easy task.

It is always tricky to film scenes with helicopters as the director always wants the helicopter to come as closely to the set and the actors as possible. But of course the closer you get to people the more dangerous it becomes. So this often becomes a negotiation between pilot and director how far you can go. Naturally the highest priority is the safety of everyone involved. It’s finding a balance between shooting beautiful pictures for the movie and the safety standards involved.

Part two: Interview with Stunt Coordinator Christopher Domansky

The scenes we are filming at the castle is about two cars chasing each other and our hero is chasing the bad guy with his Lamborghini which comes up to this castle and spins over here (Christopher points at the Lamborghini location) with the shack collapsing. Then a big fight develops between both. At the same time we have a helicopter in the air in which actors are also fighting. Ending with the helicopter crashing into the shack and Lamborghini and everything explodes. This is roughly the story line we are filming at the castle.

We have built a large construction here at the castle which is based on tracks which is similar to a rollercoaster. Which we are using to slide down the helicopter right into the position where we need it. Followed up by a short flash fire with gas without developing pressure. Naturally later this will be enhanced digitally becoming a large piece and looking beautifully on the screen.

Part three: Interview with helicopter pilot Jürgen Schütz

I am the pilot of the helicopter in real life, not just for stunt scenes. The challanges when filming at this Castle is of course to not damage anything. Our helicopter is fairly large and heavy with big downdraft so it is very important where you are flying. Especially since we operate very close to the castle which of course you need to consider too. For me it is not a difficult task since I am used to flying close to buildings as in the past I have sprinkled wine fields. Filming here at the castle is the first time and it is exciting since you are working with so many people. Things we usually do not encounter like actors fighting in the back of the helicopter. Or rescuing people from a car. These of course are situations you usually do not encounter in real life. And it is this challenge that is enjoyable.

Part four: Cochem Mayor Wolfgang Lambertz

Q: You have not yet witnessed the castle like this, have you? A: No, I am myself astonished and very excited especially since we have a partner here that is highly professional in implementing the shooting at the castle here.

Q: What were the main points to be done to enable this shooting? A: It was very many. The main point of course is the protection of the monument that is the castle but also minimizing the obstruction to the villagers. Especially with all the students nearby (NOTE there are at least two schools right next to the castle). But so far the coordination of the individual interests has worked out greatly.

We were first approached in December 2015. The negotiation has been on-going since and has only been finalized yesterday (NOTE this refers to the 11th April when shooting for the movie actually already started). There are always small things to take care of, new things are being added but everything has been working well so far.

Through this movie we are hoping for advertising within the Asian region for Cochem but right now we are happy with having this beautiful backdrop here, that even an international production has realized the beauty which was very important for us, that scenes are not just showing the Castle as a close up but the overall landscape and area the castle is nestled in.

Part five: Producer Stefan Retzbach

For me first of all it is important to show a typical Germany to the Asian market. If you have ever been to Beijing or Shanghai, you will see many glass and concrete constructions. This is something we cannot compete with but what you see here they don’t have anywhere. If you look at the old town center you will realize how many Asian and particular Chinese people are walking around amazed by the old buildings and style. And this is what they expect from Europe and Germany.

This is a great motive. The original castle owner four hundred years ago could have built the castle slightly larger … which would have been great. Unfortunately this doesn’t work, but this is a great motive. We had great support from the Mayor as it is not self-explanatory to be allowed to film at such a tourist attraction for three days (NOTE: The castle was completely closed for tourists during this time).

In the castle itself we are depicting a scene from a hotel. Where the main actress will come out of the bath room and lies down on the bed, scrolling through messages on her mobile phone and seeing photos of her past love, our hero. This is not a main scene. The main scene is the one with the helicopter with loads of action and a smashed Lamborghini. Here in the Castle’s yard, this is where the action is.

2:34 minute on location report:


At the Reichsburg an elaborate movie is being produced today. For the Chinese-German movie “Out of Control” action scenes will be filmed in the Castle’s courtyard depicting a helicopter crashing. The film is being put together by the Cologne company Action Concept which has produced movies and TV series like “Alarm für Cobra 11” or “Der Clown” and is known for breath-taking stunt scenes. The movie is expected to hit Chinese Cinemas at the end of the year.

[Interview with Tobias Knubel is pretty much the same as above talking about the beautiful castle] … The movie starts in a city and ends up with the big showdown at the Castle. This is the big showdown, the end of the movie. We are happy with the castle as it hovers over a beautiful German village. Which I believe is also a symbol for the Asian area standing for Germany and German landscape and scenery.

[Interview with the Mayor of Cochem repeats the hope to appeal to the Asian market as a tourist attraction through the movie]

[Interview with the pilot repeats the same as above]


Action scene with T.O.P:










Sources: YouTube Videos by Kevin Rühle, SimOn, Wochenspiegellive, Rhein Zeitung 13, 1, 2 and own observations during filming.

Photos from the set 2016-04-12. Source: Rhein Zeitung / The article itself is a summary of what has been reported above. (link)

Rhein-zeitung.de 1480224_1_arslideimg_388865380

Rhein-zeitung.de 1480228_1_arslideimg_388865420

Rhein-zeitung.de 1480231_1_arslideimg_388865535

More from the set – please click any of the thumbnails below to see an enlarged version:

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