[ISSUE IS] NAVER V App Ranks Fan Size of Stars: YG Dominant


[?????=??? ??] Naver V App will become the barometer to popularity level of different artists. V App is a Naver service that allows people to peek into the daily lives of artists.

Internet portal Naver launched its V App on July 31 and kick started its service. People can now take a peek into the daily lives of stars. Naver is targeting smart fans. Each member will have their own broadcast, so fans can pick their favorite stars and view their daily life.

Stars create the contents themselves, which sets this apart from other reality programs. This can be the barometer to popularity level of an artist as well.

Now iKON is the first in the line, and is hugely popular. iKON already has 32,200 fans and is on #1 very closely running against BIGBANG. Following BIGBANG is WINNER, who is the official first in line of V App. So it seems like YG is dominating the top range.

The Bangtan Boys follows the YG artists with 28,000 fans, YG Family with 25,000 fans, and SM Town with 17,000 fans.

The biggest charm of V App is that an artist can appear on it unannounced and communicate with the fans. Stars can use their break time to appear on V App to communicate with the fans and share their daily lives. There are different sections like “Special Live” that revolves around big events, cooking, beauty, education and counseling. Stars create their own contents in these fields.

With a smart phone, users can take a peek into the daily lives of stars through V App any time anywhere. The test service began on July 31 on Android phones, and there are already 25 accounts by artists like BIGBANG, SM TOWN, Beast, the Bangtan Boys, Wonder Girls, Kara, AOA other K-Pop stars. These artists are gearing up to communicate with the fans.

2015. 7. 31.
Source: http://www.yg-life.com/archives/53645?lang=en

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