[Article] [YG Life] YG Entertainment Wishes G-DRAGON Well on His New Journey, Officially Announcing Separation

[OSEN=지민경 기자] YG Entertainment has expressed its support for G-DRAGON’s new beginning.

On December 20, YG Entertainment released a statement on BIGBANG’s official website regarding G-DRAGON. The company said, “G-DRAGON has been one of our signature artists since BIGBANG’s debut in 2006, and every moment spent with him has been an honor.”

The statement continued, “We sincerely wish him blessings on his new journey and ask fans to offer him plenty of support and encouragement.”

G-DRAGON’s contract with YG Entertainment expired last June. At that time, YG stated, “G-DRAGON’s exclusive contract has ended. However, we are currently collaborating through separate contracts for advertisements and other activities. When he resumes his music activities, we plan to discuss additional contracts, and YG will fully support this.”

Following the expiration of his contract, there were various rumors about G-DRAGON’s potential move to Warner Music, Galaxy Corporation, and others. Although he did not make any official statement, after being cleared of drug allegations, it was confirmed that he would start a new journey with Galaxy Corporation, as they announced a press conference related to the matter.

2023. 12. 21.

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