[Unconfirmed Info] AirBnB event with G-Dragon expected to be announced at aaDesign Museum Seoul 2015-08-20

According to news reports, AIRBnB will announce the "superstar" outlined in their current Korean "A superstar - Who Is It?" campaign at Seoul's aaDesign Museum on the 20th August. Related sources claim that this superstar is G-Dragon, given the location of the press event and AirBnB's current sponsorship of G-Dragon's PEACEMINUSONE Exhibition in Seoul, Korea.

The event includes an Asian-wide competition where five lucky winners will be drawn to spend an overnight travel trip together, accomodation provided by AIRBnB.

Further details and confirmation of the "superstar" artist, will be announced at the press event to be held on 20th August 2015 in Seoul.

Original article: http://idol001.com/news/bigbang/detail/55c984367a117313528b46f9/

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