[Translation Summary] English summary of TRANS from TOP press interviews on Tazza 2

From Tazza 2′s press interviews via bigbangupdates. Translations by Jacly (@shrimpLJY) and Dana (@BIGBANGGisVIP):

Kang Hyeong-cheol: It took a long time to film the movie, but we had fun with all the jokes. T.O.P sometimes behaved weirdly so he lightened up the atmosphere of the filming set. He was showing only his bright side because he thought other people will feel tired too if he showed tiredness. We saw “Bingu TOP” all day long. (laughs) He might be feeling tired inside but he tried not to show it. T.O.P is a person who has a deep heart. I got a good younger brother with this movie. We became close like real brothers since we live near each other as well.

I saw his optimistic personality and unexpected sides of him during the first filming. There was a scene where T.O.P had to show a hand trick with 5 steps. All of shots from T.O.P’s hand to his face had to be taken once. T.O.P filmed and tried the scene over 60 times to perfect it. I told him to stop filming but he said he didn’t want to stop and filmed the scene until the end. The scene is not included in the movie sadly, but T.O.P didn’t give up.

When I didn’t know him that well, I liked his strong eyes and classy image. He has a unique charm nobody can replace, and I found it after working with him.

I really wanted to work with T.O.P. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a singer or an idol. He is unrealistically handsome and he’s becoming a better and better actor after he started working acting.

T.O.P said he doesn’t care about the prejudice people have of him as being an actor from an idol group.
T.O.P: I don’t think of the team BIGBANG as an idol. I think we are grouped as idols since there are many idol groups. I feel sorry towards the members whenever BIGBANG is thought of as an idol because of me. I’m okay with it (the prejudice) because I don’t really think I’m an idol. Also, I understand there’s been prejudice on singers who go into acting, so I just have to deal with it.

T.O.P: I go to know Jo Seungwoo through a close acquaintance. He supported me and looked forward to Tazza 2 so much. When the teaser was released, he sent me the link personally and said, “Daegil, fighting! You are cool! Nice!” and it gave me much energy.

T.O.P: I’m still in grad school, so there’s still time. I will enlist at the right time. I don’t feel the pressure of going to the army.

T.O.P: We really love eating. Most of the chat is about what we’ll eat that day. We also take and upload funny pictures.

T.O.P: I don’t know well which romantic comedy genre girls like, the emotions. I think actors around my age will do romantic comedy better. I was shy to do a melodramatic role when I was young because I did hip-hop. I’m curious how it will be if I’ll do it now, but I’m worried I’ll look cheesy.

T.O.P: I can’t give up on being a singer and an actor. Every performance is different according to my mood and it’s irreversible once the moment passes. I’m attracted to it, and I can do acting over and over again until I get an OK sign. That’s the attraction of acting.

T.O.P: I didn’t think of being an actor when I was little. I thought I’ll just do music until I die. I was just a fan who liked movies and listened to music. I only watched movies when I wasn’t listening to music. I started acting by appearing in a drama by chance. I regarded acting as my other job after “Into the Fire”. I don’t think awards are important, but after I won several awards luckily, I realized, “I should not take this too lightly.”

T.O.P: The reason why I take movies more than dramas is that I belong to team named BIGBANG and the group has concert tours once a year regularly. I have to stay 3-4 months for a drama, but I can change the schedules when filming for movies.


Q: Actors who work both as singers and actors use the different names, especially idols. They use their stage names when working as a singer and their real names when working as an actor.
 I don’t think I have to do that this time. People say, “There’s TOP” and not ”There’s Choi Seunghyun” when they see me in the streets. I don’t want to look different on purpose by using my real name.

I haven’t shown who T.O.P is fully yet. I don’t want to look different when acting and singing, to be honest. They’re both my jobs and they’re what this person called T.O.P does and expresses. I don’t really put that much thought into names. There are so many other things I have to think of besides names haha.

I’m shy being called Choi Seunghyun. I hope people call me T.O.P (laughs). Actually, it doesn’t matter. Use both names, T.O.P and Choi Seunghyun, that you want to use. Both T.O.P and Choi Seunghyun are me, right? All the directors and movie staff have wanted to use my real name Choi Seunghyun and I think it’s because they have love and affection for me. For this movie, the director told me, “I didn’t cast you because you are T.O.P. I think I proved it with this movie. I want to use your real name this time,” and I said yes.

T.O.P: I was surprised to side of me when I was young come out again while acting the role of Daegil. His optimism rubbed off on me and changed my real personality to become optimistic too. I think it’s good I took the role.

T.O.P: I watch every episode of “Show Me The Money” on Mnet. It’s so fun. (laughs) Bobby has an energy that a rapper should have. He knows how do the “flow” in rapping, not to make it sound boring. He has so much talent that the other rappers need to try harder. I’m proud of him as a senior. Bobby is so cute when he smiles.

T.O.P: GD said he really enjoyed watching the movie, so I felt happy. Our members loved the movie Tazza (2006) so much. It was a movie that we watched together during our hard times, so me acting in the sequel has a special meaning.

About the broadcast when T.O.P said Lee Honey was like an ahjumma (old lady) who sells tteokbbokki (Korean street food)
 I sent a text message saying, “The broadcast edited it wrong. I’m sorry” to Lee Honey noona after watching it. What I meant was she has an attraction that she would give one more tteokbbeokki and that she seems warm and kind.

Q: When are you going to work on a movie again?
 I wish there was something that would pull me in. I’m someone who starts moving when I get into something. I want to try melo too. I still feel shy to do serious melo because I’m afraid it might seem too cheesy. (laughs) A love story about loving someone so much from the bottom of one’s heart. I wonder if people in this era will be able to take a story like that seriously.

Q: Why do you think it will be cheesy? Is it because of your low, deep voice?
 That’s part of it. I feel like they don’t make a lot of melo/romance movies these days. I haven’t really looked them up recently either. If you look at the movie “Her”, you can see that this is a time where people are touched by the love between a man and a virtual object. Maybe it shows that people these days are that empty (lonely) inside. Maybe if I were an experienced, older actor, I would want to act in a melo/romance material, but as a young person, I still gravitate towards new things. I think there are some modern topics that I can only cover when I’m young, but I still want to act a melodramatic role before my twenties end.


Reporter: In the movie, Daegil loves Mina (Shin Sekyung), but he ends up spending a “hot night” with Woo Sajang (Lee Honey).
 I think that scene represented how men feel. (In that scene,) Daegil sees an overlapping image of Mina and Woo Sajang. Woo Sajang is the second girl he fell in love with after his first love that made his heart flutter, so it represents the after-image guys see when that happens.

It may sound selfish, but you know people say that guys have a hard time forgetting their first love. I think it’s true. Guys have a rather immature tendency to do that. Guys tend to like girls that have a similar appearance to their first love, and they also tend to like girls who resemble their mother. Guys tend to like girls that take care of them and embrace them like a mother because guys are children.

Reporter: In the movie, Daegil fell in love at first sight when he saw Mina. Did you ever fall in love at first sight with someone in real life?
 I think that tends to happen to me. If I don’t fall in love at first sight with someone, I don’t really end up liking that person.


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T.O.P: The BIGBANG members are not professional enough in acting to give me advice yet. *jokes* So I receive advice from movie directors and seniors.

Lee Honey: By the way, T.O.P was so shy when we were filming that scene. There wasn’t even time to be shy. We filmed a bed scene together, and he was like, “Ueeeueeehhh!!!” I told him, “It’s okay, Seunghyun. Wear clothes quickly.”

T.O.P: I was screaming without knowing I was screaming, even though she and I took the scene together. I should’ve cared about her first as a guy, but I shouted, “Ah! I’m shy!!!” when the director said “Cut!”

T.O.P: During the showcase, I was asked what I would do if over 5 million people watch the movie. I wasn’t really thinking about it before, but I promised to give 50 female audiences a kiss on the forehead. And then I got more questions about it, I didn’t get to mention until now… If we get more viewers than that, it will be like a new record for 19+ Korean movies. So I will make a recklesss/bold promise. If over 7 million people watch the movie, I said to the director once, that this will be my first and last movie to have a skin-exposing scene. Actually, it just came to mind. I’m saying this because I doubt it will happen and to give you guys something fun. The day before I filmed that “Agui Battle (the scene where they were playing Hwatu naked)”, since I have never showed my body in front of the camera before, I took some selcas to monitor myself. I still have them on my phone. I feel really shy about exposing skin, almost to a point of illness. If we get 7 million audiences, the selcas on my phone… it shows everything. I will post my shirtless (half nude) selca taken at each different angle on the internet.

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