[Photo | Article] T.O.P’s Hong Kong translators blog entry 2015-08-31

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Skypost Blog Entry 2015-08-31

Rough translation by _BBmusic:

Blog post by T.O.P’s translator during T.O.P’s visit to Hong Kong for Tazza promotion in Sept 2014:

Rather than visiting shopping malls, T.O.P wanted to visit art galleries instead. In one of the galleries T.O.P was recognized by the owner and asked for an autograph on behalf of his daughter. T.O.P asked if in return he would get discount.

When visiting another gallery T.O.P remarked that he enjoyed the comfortable sofa he is sitting on, so the translator asked the gallery staff where they bought it. The sofa came from a home goods store in Hong Kong. T.O.P loves designer chairs and home goods, so that day they took a stroll buying vintage cup and saucers.

The translator remarks at the end that T.O.P passionately follows art and his lifestyle and that he left memorable impressions.

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