New Songs’ Release Turned into Festival… BIGBANG’s DAY “BANG BANG BANG”


[TV???=??? ??] BIGBANG’s comeback after three years of absence was so special. They prepared the most “BIGBANG-ish” time for fans who have been with them for 10 years.

On June 1, BIGBANG’s “COUNTDOWN LIVE” was live-broadcasted on NAVER’s STARCAST. BIGBANG appeared in the show as a complete team, to wait for the release of their new songs with fans. The youngest member SEUNGRI was the MC for “COUNTDOWN LIVE”, where BIGBANG members openly communicated with fans. They were like professionals when talking about music, but soon became fun boys in their twenties when talking between themselves.

As BIGBANG members have been a team for 10 years, they showed a deep bond among themselves. Their jokes for the other members were harsh, and the members freely went to bathroom while on air. Their easygoing and unaffected attitude gave a special fun to fans.

When the time for the release of new songs was imminent, BIGBANG members shouted countdown all together. They also expressed the joy by doing exciting dance. Rather than feeling nervous about the new release, BIGBANG enjoyed it like a festival.

BIGBANG’s “COUNTDOWN LIVE” was joined by 150,000 fans from the very beginning. At the moment of the release of new songs, the number of hits recorded unprecedented 440,000. That broke the team’s previous record of 130,000 simultaneous connections.

Such an unprecedented record was set on music charts, too. “BANG BANG BANG” included in album “A” released on the day at midnight swept the No.1 on music charts, followed by “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”, another song in “A”. Music fans are paying keen interest in how far and how long BIGBANG’s record will continue.

2015. 6. 2.
Source: YG Life

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