Kwanghee Thanks G-Dragon and Taeyang for Partnering Up With Him on “Infinity Challenge”

Kwanghee expressed his thanks towards G-Dragon and Taeyang for pairing up with him for the music festival edition of “Infinity Challenge.”

On the July 25 broadcast of “Infinity Challenge,” Kwanghee went with G-Dragon and Taeyang to cool off the summer heat by playing in the water.

As G-Dragon was on the fly-board, Kwanghee exclaimed “Jiyong, you look like someone that comes out on ‘X-Men’!” Later on, he continued to express his thoughts as he stated, “I’m truly thankful that you guys chose me. Let’s always be friends forever!”

  1. The three 26-year-olds were able to bond in their friendship as they cooled down from the extreme summer heat.

Meanwhile, the “Infinity Challenge Music Festival” partners were revealed to be Yoo Jae Suk and JYP, Jung Hyun Don and Hyukoh Band, HaHa and Zion T, Kwanghee and GD&Taeyang, Park Myung Soo and IU, and Jung Jun Ha and Yoon Sang.

Source: Soompi

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