BIGBANG at YG Headquarter on Aug 4: Counting Down with Fans

[OSEN=정준화 기자] BIGBANG will be counting down live with the fans just before releasing their August song “FANTASTIC” and “LET’S NOT LOVE.”
YG Entertainment uploaded a poster with a caption that read “BIGBANG COUNTDOWN LIVE” on the official blog YG LIFE at 9 am of August 2.
In the yellow poster, BIGBANG is featured in black and white, attracting much attention. The caption BIGBANG COUNTDOWN LIVE MADE SERIES hints that the quintet will be “holding a meeting” in the YG headquarters.
The group is already attracting much attention as they announced the new songs “LET’S NOT LOVE” and GD& TOP unit song “FANTASTIC” will be the two songs included in the 4th album of the MADE SERIES, album “E.”
BIGBANG already showcased two Countdown Live in June and July, making an opportunity to communicate with the fans by showing them the music videos and also the makings of them.
The BIGBANG COUNTDOWN LIVE MADE SERIES at YG Headquarter will be another chance for the fans to see BIGBANG. It will be streamed live through Naver V App at 11pm on August 4, just an hour before the official release of the new songs.
BIGBANG’s latest album “E” will be unveiled at 0 hour of August 5.


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