BIGBANG’s ‘Zutter’ Music Video With G-Dragon Finally Explains T.O.P’s Instagram

The recent music video for “Zutter” featuring BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and T.O.P may have provided answers to some of the latter’s puzzling Instagram posts.

Since creating his Instagram account, BIGBANG rapper T.O.P has garnered a lot of attention for his unusual posts, including a photo of a pig. But after viewing “Zutter,” fans believe they now understand the reasons behind his posts.

“All the pig and stuff on T.O.P’s Instagram posts finally make sense,” wrote Amanda Kjm on Twitter.

In addition, the Korean lyrics for “Zutter” also further explain his other Instagram posts, including childhood pictures of his chubbier days.

“If you search for the English lyrics, they talk about money, and money sounds like pork in Korean,” commented Kimsray Yat on YouTube. “T.O.P was chubby when he was younger so, the lyric goes like this, ‘I used to be fat when I was young so I know the taste of money. Money here sounds like pork.'”

But “Zutter” is not the only music video BIGBANG released for their “E” album. “Let’s Not Fall in Love” was released on the same day, featuring all five members of BIGBANG.

Recently, the YG Entertainment boy band concluded their M.A.D.E. World Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, some fans made complaints about the experience, allegedly due to the local promoter’s poor planning and production.

“Please read this and take it as a lesson. From a disappointed VIP,” started a letter from the disappointed Twitter fan Lily Quinn.

The letter, which has received thousands of retweets since appearing online, highlighted multiple problems with the concert, including lack of promotion, lack of security and personnel and technical problems during the concert.

BIGBANG will conclude their promotional activities by releasing the full album on Sept. 1.


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