BIGBANG, K-pop’s ‘the big one,’ sends PH VIPs into a frenzy

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Picture by YG Entertainment (not Jakarta, BIGBANG performed without the moving stage in Jakarta. The article came without pictures)

As the Philippines prepared for a killer earthquake dubbed as “The Big One” with Metro-wide quake drills Thursday, fans from all walks of life at the SM Mall of Asia Arena roared for the earth-shaking concert of one of Korea’s biggest boy groups, BIGBANG.

BIGBANG, composed of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri, returned to Manila for the Philippine leg of their “MADE” world tour.

Awaiting the band’s second time in the country after their 2012 concert, various Filipino VIPs, a name BIGBANG fans call themselves, wore hip-hop attires of either stripe or jersey shirts with the name of their bias, which in K-pop music means favorite.
PH fans also wore yellow crowns and waved yellow glow sticks.

Entrance with a Bang

The stage was humongous, giving the boy band a bigger playground to perform in and ultimately brought them closer to their adoring fans for that intimate feel.

A little past 8 p.m., bright white lights illuminated the whole concert arena, sending the VIPs into a wild frenzy as they excitedly wave their floral crown light sticks.

Lights finally dimmed which elicited louder shrill. One by one, the quintet’s names were flashed on the giant LED screen, but what made the fans lose it were the visible silhouettes of the boys from behind the screen.

As the main screen split into half, the BIGBANG boys opened the stage with a very fiery performance of “Bang Bang Bang.”

Hits MADE popular

BIGBANG performed 20 of their biggest hits including those from their special albums “M,” “A,” and “D” that night including “Loser,” “If You,” “Sober,” “Bae Bae,” and “We Like 2 Party.”

During their rendition of “Loser” and “Bae Bae,” they specifically used props and set, like the rotating glass panels, and the giant “angel,” which can also be seen in the music video.

Fans then became reminiscent as the group also sang old hits like “Lies” and an acoustic version of “Haru Haru.”

They also performed their other popular songs, “Tonight,” and “Fantastic Baby.”

Donned in full pink suit, G-Dragon collaborated with  Taeyang for “Good Boy” with oozing energy.

The boys also spiritedly perform their other dance hits like “Stupid Liar” “Bad Boy,” and “Crooked.”

BIGBANG has yet to release its latest “E” single  album, but when Filipino VIPs pleaded for a sample, G dragon obliged with a few lines.

‘Blue and white’ audience participation

One of the more memorable highlights of the night was achieved with the help of the fans.

As the boys elevated one by one from the main stage, fans from all sections raised their phones with the “Blue” wallpaper to achieve the blue ocean project for the song “Blue.”

When the quintet started singing “If You,” white lights started to blend with the yellow lights, as Filipino VIPs opened the flashlights of their phones.

Cute and sexy

The members of the band gamely played with their Filipino fans, displaying their cute and sexy sides alternately.

Saying he finds Filipino women “cute” and that “(he) wants to stay here,” Seungri referenced current social media phenoms, the “Pabebe” girls. Doing his own version of a “Pabebe” girl, the group’s youngest member did the “Gwiyomi” gestures.

Not to be outdone, T.O.P. imitated the Wonder Girls, another major Korean pop group, and their “Nobody” choreography.

Daesung, who has been sporting long bangs, asked the Filipino audience, “Nakikita niyo ba ako (Can you see me),” which made the fans go wild. He later flipped his hair to show the fans his cute eyes.

Daesung thrilled their worshippers with sexy dance moves with the help of T.O.P.

During a lull, T.O.P. also chew on a moving ramp a piece of local chocolate “BigBang,” which a fan probably threw the boys.

Individually good

Each of the band members also had their own spot numbers, which enabled them to individually showcase to their fans their playful and vulnerable sides.

Wearing a stylish suit, Seungri charismatically performed “Strong Baby” and “Let’s Talk about Love” while changing some of the lyrics of his second song to fit the fancy of the Filipino fans.

He and G-Dragon also engaged in some “bromance,” during one of the former’s number when he told G-Dragon that he is “pogi.” The rapper played with Seungri’s hair, drawing deafening shrieks from the fans.

While singing his hit “Wings,” Daesung wiggled his butt, which the audience enjoyed—aside from his singing, of course.

T.O.P. rapped through his ditty “Doom Dada,” matching the performance with impressive dance moves and an aura which screamed “cool” and “swag.”

Finally, Taeyang gave his Filipino VIPs a treat through a soulful rendition of his popular ballad “Eyes Nose Lips.”

Bye, Baes

The boys then reunited to sing more hits and interact with their fans.

Later in the show, they  introduced the members of their backup band and then did a repeat performance of their two massive hits “Bang Bang Bang” and “Bae Bae.” Sadly though, the concert, which lasted for more than two hours, came to an end with the boys returning to the main stage, where they were eventually engulfed by two big LED screens.

Earlier that day, Filipinos were taught how to “duck, cover and hold” in the event of a killer earthquake. But for the Filipino fans present in the Arena, they simply roared and enjoyed. Unlike “The Big One,” the BIGBANG concert was the kind of phenomenon one would want to witness and take part of regularly.

BIGBANG’s MADE tour was brought to Manila by PULP Live World. IDL

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