[Videos | ENG transcript] 2015-05-22 BIGBANG on MNet 하트어택 Heart A Tag TV Show

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 English transcript - thanks to @Shrimpljy:

"Heart Attack" or "Heart-a-Tag" on MNet TV broadcast 2015-05-22:

TOP to DaeSung : You really look like a rock star from the 1970s
DS : The reason why I got hair extensions on the back of my head is that... rock stars were the motif

DS : I'm now covering half my face, right? But people say my face got brighter and more handsome to me

DS : I'm going to cover my nose too next time. Then people will say that I'm a handsome guy?

DS : I think if I cover my face to my lips, people will say I'm really a handsome guy haha

SR : Who is the trickiest member for you to do make up?
Staff : It's SeungRi
SR : Eh ??

SR : I never tried this silver hair before. I feel relieved that it suits me better than I expected

SR : Since I bleached my hair, it easily cuts off and is in bad condition. It needs a treatment always I even collect some products that help the hair to be in good condition

SR : Why are you becoming so handsome?
TaeYang : Well, I don't know

SR : Did you do something on your face?
TaeYang : Ah no, I haven't done anything on my face

TaeYang : The only thing I did something on is my eyebrows

TaeYang : *sings in LOSER melody* SeungRi wears no underpants~? DaeSung wears a thong~?

TOP : One of the contact lenses is pink, and the other one is anaconda

YB: This is a detachable piercing
Staff : Doesn't it hurt?
YB : It hurts.. cuz I have to wear it tight

Staff : Ah, you didn't really have your lips pierced
TaeYang : I cannot, it might hurt so much

TaeYang : I want to get a hashtag "#TaeYang_nostrils" because my nostrils are quite pretty

SR : I want to get a hashtag "#VisualTop_SeungRi"...... *laughs*

SR: #SeungRi_SilverHair
GD: #GD_Pretty (word on his shirt)
TOP: #EvenLenses_AreTopOfTop

DS : #DaeSung_BangsHandsomeGuy
TaeYang : #TaeYang_Mist