[Photos | Videos] 2017-11-18 BIGBANG (w/out T.O.P) LAST DANCE Japan Dome Tour 2017 in Fukuoka Day 1


2) Seungri said that he went to Jeju at the same time GD was there and that it was his first vacation in Jeju. He t… https://t.co/JczKktiXjF [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

対象商品をご予約・ご購入で終演後のオフィシャル出待ちが当たる抽選会開催????販売は11時頃〜????本日のイベントの模様を公開????詳細はコチラ▶︎… https://t.co/IOV5h1cnH8 [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

4) GD "that's why I threw the table cloth away"
Seungri explained that after GD didn't reply to his texts he didn't… https://t.co/2J2wxiYVtm [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

【#BIGBANG】「BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017 -LAST DANCE-」初日の福岡公演終了しました✨お越し頂いた皆様、有難うございました!引き続きの応援、宜しくお願いします。

チケット購入はこち… https://t.co/zhTtrIc3nE [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 LASTDANCE in Fukuoka????????
@ForvictoRi I know
You are always the best????????
#seungri #승리 #승리직캠 https://t.co/L8bLa0F7E7 [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

BIGBANG left a space for TOP on stage when they sang Last Dance ???? https://t.co/0uRjtHZrS1 [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 LASTDANCE in Fukuoka???????? Day1

오늘 귀여워서 아파트뽑을뻔했던
화제의 바로 그 무대????‍????‍????‍????????????

????… https://t.co/ecZlGzH6bp [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

In one of the interlude videos in the LAST DANCE concert, a message was shown on the screen that roughly translates… https://t.co/SLgdb8YFUV [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 #태양 ☀
@ #LASTDANCEinFukuoka ????????

????Wake Me Up + DARLING 미리보기
달콤한 꿀보이스????❤

#영배 #TAEYANG #SOL #태양달 https://t.co/Er7zUxv4rl [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

GD last dance ment:
Seoul is cold and I can smell scent of winter. Not only that, I’ve been doing solo promotions,… https://t.co/g8Nh9lCiFP [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Jiyong started singing Last Dance while YB was setting the piano...those smiles while they talk.. so adorable...lov… https://t.co/o57FUAnwAP [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

After Daesung mentioned his new album to be released on Dec 20th YB said "Lately lots of good things are happening… https://t.co/5K4WaLUNzn [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Taeyang did play the piano for Last Dance and GD got the timing for his part wrong. Everyone laughed and the lights… https://t.co/4PFMKrktmM [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

LAST DANCE in Fukuoka

굿보이 춤선 preview

굿보이 춤선 안본 사람 없게 해주세요...
고화질은 한국 가서...

귤색자켓에 청바지 착장에 이런 춤선????????
머리끝부터 발끝까지 난리나는… https://t.co/Jo5NPlfJIr [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

During Last Dance, GD got the timing wrong the 1st time. The 2nd time, he got it right so he said "Yatta" (I did it… https://t.co/hs0Ru1shP3 [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Daesung congratulating Seungri, it’s been a long time since he heard Seungri seriously sing.
Matchy Magnae line su… https://t.co/bL1NV7ORnK [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

[VIDEO] 171118 #LASTDANCEinFUKUOKA - Bad Boy - Seungri ????

~love his hairstyle so much ????
#할말있어브이 #GT2VI https://t.co/6TAmFuklJz [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]


VIPS singing #MyHeaven while waiting for BigBang to come out and that yellow ocean!! ???????? beautif… https://t.co/f2xylh6fDo [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Part1 [voice record] #Seungri Solo Come to my & i know @ BIGBANG Last Dance Tour in Fukuoka Day1 ????❤️???? credit: SEUNG… https://t.co/qQhqianBnK [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Part2 [voice record] #Seungri Solo Come to my & i know @ BIGBANG Last Dance Tour in Fukuoka Day1 ~ nice songs and m… https://t.co/cnbuIfLm2Y [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

I Know - Seungri ????????????????

#할말있어브이 #GT2VI https://t.co/vEGOGl5wiG [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

so cute maknae stage >> FUKUOKA D1 . 171118 (via:tieba) https://t.co/iYdWvAKhyo [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 Fantastic Baby - Jiyong patting sweat away from Seungri’s neck at the end????????#LASTDANCEINFUKOUKA
????©︎Yolandazha… https://t.co/JIayEJAPlb [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

YB oppa voice ???????? FUKUOKA D1 . 171118 (cr:on video) https://t.co/Q82NZyqgO7 [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Beautiful crowd ????????????????????????????

©️shadow1011_ww https://t.co/hcUBMbKNXV [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Members on the moving cart!! It’s gonna end ????????
©️ shadow1011_ww https://t.co/RjgQgczr3Z [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

jiyong said ‘im sorry top cant be here but he loves you’ .. goodbye [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]


I Know - Feeling ????

~seems like there are one member per cart (2… https://t.co/HKOGhxmgDM [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

[Clip] 171118 #Seungri Solo i know (Japanese version) Last Dance in Fukuoka D1 ~ awww!! new solo Baby sweet voice ????… https://t.co/lFSMiTdaOC [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 BIGBANG Last Dance in Fukuoka D1 Setlist https://t.co/dwKLCm9fw9 [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Members talking part :’)
©️ yolandazhang870423 https://t.co/YrAj43FE3l [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]


돔투어 태양 메세지 테이프 ????❤️

Stay With Me
Wake Me Up
Love you to Death

#태양… https://t.co/ptOeUTggBR [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

BIGBANG LAST DANCE in Fukuoka https://t.co/las5TP0b71 [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

The last song BIGBANG performed today was LAST DANCE. There was a short MC before the song. YB mentioned TOP and sa… https://t.co/Z9AUoPxNKZ [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 Bigbang discussing (and bickering ????) on how to start singing Last Dance piano version
cr. yolandazhang870423 https://t.co/Q1Q3gNKo5r [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

#LastDance encore part ???????????? youngbae playing the piano ????

Via peace_1mk https://t.co/JKumo1jEFa [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Last Dance..... TOPs voice ????❤️ #LastDanceinFukuoka https://t.co/evzoyAi8hy [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 odubperv stories update
#LASTDANCEinFUKUOKA https://t.co/SEumd2FanL [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

171118 LASTDANCE in Fukuoka????????
☝????한번 보고 ✌????두번 보고
자꾸만 보고 싶은 승리????????????
승리 나만 바라봐 @ForvictoRi ????
#seungri #승리… https://t.co/x49hNvGWel [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

#LASTDANCEinFukuoka Youngbae on the piano during Seunghyun's part....i'm cyiringign ???? (cr. shadow1011_ww) https://t.co/6AHB5g9A4L [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

[SNS] 171118 CEO Seungri Instagram Update ????

“naturalhighrecord have a good Saturday night ???? djglory tpa_official”… https://t.co/jKZlHewRxp [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

[SNS] 171118 jein_papa Instagram Update of BIGBANG #LASTDANCEinFUKUOKA - We Like 2 Party ????

#할말있어브이 #GT2VI https://t.co/MmuktjiDXi [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Nalbwa Gwisun dance break - Daesung and Seungri dancing to Wedding Dress

They even wore sleeveless shirts and base… https://t.co/8tihY1dLzR [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

(Eng trans) Story of Seungri and GD in Jeju #LASTADANCEinFUKUOKA
Fan accounts: ©︎maaaai738 & girirrri1812 https://t.co/JaafJjKfCn [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

[VIDEO] 171118 #LASTDANCEinFUKUOKA - Loser ????

TOP’s part + ot4’s adlibs~
#할말있어브이 #GT2VI https://t.co/QPBl0P0Icq [2017-11-18, Original Tweet]

Photo Impressions from today (2017-11-18).



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