[Photos | Videos] 2016-11-05 BIGBANG10: The Concert 0.to.10 The Final in Tokyo









Summary via Susifg:

The bday event during Haru Haru was a success. At the end GD said: T.O.P otanjoubi omedetou ne! (happy bday TOP) #BIGBANG#TokyoDomeDay1 — 수사나 (@susifg) November 5, 2016

YB: Our new album is coming out really soon. We worked really hard on it so pls look forward to our MADE full album” #BIGBANG#TokyoDomeDay1 — 수사나 (@susifg) November 5, 2016

OMG they’re showing images of their debut stage with La La La #BIGBANG#TokyoDomeDay1 — 수사나 (@susifg) November 5, 2016

At the end of the video they showed the anniversary cake from the Seoul concert #BIGBANG#TokyoDomeDay1 — 수사나 (@susifg) November 5, 2016




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