[Part ENG transcript | Screencaps | Video] 2015-10-28 T.O.P + Ueno Juri The Secret Message V APP Broadcast




While waiting for the video upload of today’s V App broadcast with T.O.P and Ueno Juri to promote The Secret Message, please see below an English transcript with special thanks to @FROMTHETTTOP and @big_seunghyun:


#UenoJuri: “I really wanna see Choi Seunghyun as Woo Hyun”

“You both followed each other on LINE?”
Ueno Juri: “Who did first?”
#TOP: “I did”

The director’s intention was for both actors to get close… but Ueno Juri said, it did not help… xD

#TOP is now talking about being prank called, but instead of being the victim, he plays along and makes the prank caller the victim, instead. xD

#TOP recommends Hangang as a good place to date…

Ueno Juri tried to learned the dance that the director envisions. But it was a bit difficult for her so when she went back to Japan, she learned an easier dance from a dancer she knows.

#TOP suggested to make the song, “Hi Haruka”
#TOP created the song, “Hello Haruka”, with KUSH.

#TOP: “Men will understand Woo Hyun, and women will understand Haruka”

#TOP: “The song is not something for commercial use/purpose, but only for the drama”

Wonho just got complimented by #TOP … Wonho’s reaction is priceless! <3
They will now answer questions from the comment section in the app…

Have you ever sang a love song to your lovers?
#TOP: “Singers don’t sing personally.”

#TOP:… (hesitating) When I was younger, yes…
(Have you ever sang a love song to your lover/s?)

Ueno Juri (to #TOP): “Are you shy?… I think you are cool”
“Why are your ears so red?” (to #TOP)
Crowd laughs!

#TOP: “Really I didn’t know..”
aaaah, TOP is flustered right now.

“The fans are asking if you could take your glasses off”
(to #TOP)
He took it off… and put it back on..

“What about your ideal type?”
#TOP: “Someone who is different from me”

“Could you sing a little of “Hello Haruka” for us?
#TOP: You have to watch the drama…

They are now leaving messages for fans to anticipate #TheSecretMessage

#TOP: The viewer rates should not matter; our passion counts (is enough)




The Single “Hi Haruka” or “Hello Haruka” was suggested to be included by T.O.P so he recorded it with Kush at YG. It will only be available for the drama and will not be commercially released. The video can be seen here:
[Video] T.O.P The Secret Message OST M/V for Hi Haruka

T.O.P also suggested to add more comical elements to his characters in the drama. The director agreed to both (the song and the comical elements). Something to look forward to. The web drama will start airing 2nd November 2015.

We will upload a video of the broadcast as soon as it is available.